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ALMi Group (UK) is a leading supplier of specialist, commodity, and renewable products to the construction industry. The Group's focus is primarily the level of service it provides its customers, and the overall well being of its employees.
Independent distributor of specialist and commodity construction products to major housebuilders and contractors. Supreme Building Materials offers technical advice and delivery to any building site in the UK.
Heat Recovery Centre offers the supply and installation of renewable products, specialising in air and ground source heat pumps and heat recovery systems to housebuilders, self builders and contractors.
A source and supply service to all national, regional and independent merchants and distributors across the UK. Merchant Support UK can supply absolutely anything, with technical backup and nationwide coverage, to prevent any merchant losing an order.
Environmental Policy

We at the ALMi Group believe we all need to protect the environment for future generations, make our economy more environmentally sustainable, and improve our quality of life and well being.

We believe we have a duty to run our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, for the benefit of our customers, our staff and the environment.

We feel proud to market and distribute construction products that will help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. An example of this can be seen through our heat recovery division www.heatrecoverycentre.co.uk.


Supreme Building Materials was formed in September 1997 as an independent distributor of all building materials and delivering anywhere in the UK. The success of Supreme has grown through the experience of our dedicated customer service team. A need to separate the business became apparent so both contractors and merchants could receive individual attention for their own requirements. This led to the birth of Merchant Support UK.

Merchant Support UK was formed in March 2009. It is the first merchant only dedicated source and supply service, covering every product imaginable. Its sole purpose is to help prevent a merchant or distributor from losing an order. Merchant Support UK should only be used when existing merchant supply chains have been exhausted. Merchant Support UK fulfills any order no matter what size, that a merchant cannot. This satisfies the merchant's customer, saves the merchant time, increases the product portfolio available to the merchant, but most importantly increases turnover. Merchants, distributors and manufacturers can all become members of Merchant Support UK.

Heat Recovery Centre was formed in February 2011. New build and refurbished buildings have become increasingly airtight, thereby making ventilation an essential element in the construction of buildings. As stated in our environmental policy, we feel proud to market and distribute a product range that will help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Heat Recovery Centre offers a complete solution in air and ground source heat pumps, acoustic and heat recovery systems. At the Centre, a wide range of services is available to support the customer's choice of product. These services include a free design service, installation, commissioning and maintenance. The Centre's simple service solution embraces the values of energy efficiency, comfort and health for the environment, the future of building, and the homeowner.
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